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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

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Design Technology

At Suttons, we aim to deliver a Design and Technology curriculum that harnesses the children’s creativity and imagination.  We aspire to give children the opportunity to design and create products for a variety of purposes. Whether the unit focuses on textiles or creating 3D models, the children will explore their units through a 4-step approach: learn, design, create and evaluate. 

We aim for pupils to leave Suttons having made an array of products that are both exciting and purposeful. Furthermore, pupils will have gained relevant skills that they can use beyond their time at Suttons.

Our Designers

Through our Design and Technology units, the pupils will obtain a broad range of subject knowledge that draws from the disciplines of Science ,Technology Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). 

All of our units are linked to our History and Geography units of work which helps to make our content more rich and relevant. We place emphasis on the importance of researching the background of products that we will be creating. This allows for pupils to better understand the functionality of the product that they are making. Furthermore, the children also look at the development of the product throughout history and how its purpose and functionality may have changed.

Each year, we aim for our curriculum to teach the children a variety of new skills as well as build on the skills from previous years. We are well equipped with a variety of tools and resources to allow children to practise and enhance their skills, including a purpose built DT room. 

Children begin learning the necessary skills to design in KS1. This involves the use of sketching and using critical thinking. When children are in the creating process, they will use the skills they have developed to make their products. We aim to teach our children the technical knowledge they need to ensure that their products are fit for purpose and suit the design specification. Through clear evaluation, children reflect on the products they have made and develop the skill of self-assessing and identifying ways to progress.

Enrichment Opportunities:  
Every half term, the children are sent a  Design and Technology project to complete at home as part of their creative homework. 

This links to their current History and Geography unit. The children engage with these tasks well, utilising the skills and knowledge that they have acquired in class and produce some absolutely astounding work. 

During Science week, the children participate in a number of STEAM challenges. These aim to develop the children’s critical thinking skills, collaboration and innovation.

Curriculum Planning

Our Design and Technology curriculum is relevant and engaging. Through its close links to History and Geography, the products that are created are relevant to the children’s learning. 

We strive for the children to be excited to participate in Design and Technology whilst also equipping them with the knowledge and technical skill they need to be successful.

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