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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

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We will be your favourite story....


"The school's success in teaching creative writing stems from teachers' very good subject knowledge.  Pupils are given every opportunity to write imaginatively across different subjects.  They are guided skilfully by teaching staff to write with flaire and purpsoe."


Our children are encouraged to write in different styles and for different occasions. We place value on the conversions of written language and stress the importance of spelling, punctuation and presentation. The correct formation and development of a cursive style of writing begins at a very early stage in reception class, and is taught progressively throughout the school.

At Suttons children will complete a weekly 'Big Write'. This allows them to see themselves as writers and demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the week in their Literacy and Language lessons. We are really proud of our children’s writing. We have a “Big Writer of the Month” award, which allows us to celebrate and display children’s work and inspire others.

Above all, we want to ensure children leave our school with the skills and enjoyment they need to continue to be successful in their writing. We want to share the passion for language that enriches their lives. We hope that their early enjoyment of English and an understanding of the relevance and importance of making best use of language skills will give them the strongest possible foundation on which to build.


"Children in this school love writing. 
We use carefully selected texts to inspire them."

Staff member 2014