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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary

We will be your favourite story....

Teaching & Learning

We want all our children to experience success and enjoy their learning whilst at Suttons Primary School.  We aim to achieve this through high standards of teaching and learning within a happy and caring environment. 

We believe that all pupils should play an active role in the life of the school.  We encourage them to be inquisitive, curious and independent.  They learn and develop happily together, developing strong collaborative skills and showing respect for each other.

The skills of true thinking (reasoning, creativity, judgement and memorisation) allow individuals to grow intellectually.  Our children are given the chance to develop their thinking at an appropriate level for their development.  Individual targets ensure suitable challenge for each pupil and helps them reach their optimum level of thinking.

Through a variety of teaching methods and strategies, we instill children with an enthusiasm for learning and prepare them for future life experiences.  We use a variety of teaching methods, ranging from whole class teaching to individual personalised programmes of study, which are chosen as appropriate to meet the task or skill being focused upon.

"The creative approach to planning the curriculum ensures that pupils experience imaginative and active opportunities for learning."