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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

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Religious Education (RE)

At Suttons, our aim is to equip our pupils with the knowledge and understanding of major world religions; we want them to develop a healthy respect for and tolerance of people, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, who make up the local and wider community.  Our RE curriculum also encourages our pupils to think about their own beliefs and deepen their knowledge so they become well-rounded individuals who are tolerant of others.  Our curriculum is a vital tool in preparing children for life, both in society now and in the future.

Our Theologians

Our pupils will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of major world religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism.  They will also develop an understanding of the non-religious belief, Humanism.  Different festivals and rites of passage from the major world religions will be studied and children will be taught to examine, compare and contrast different religious books. Comparisons of aspects and beliefs of different religions will be taught.  Respect and understanding of different faiths will be encouraged by visits to different places of worship and by discussion with members of that religion.  Self-reflection will be encouraged so pupils think more deeply about some of the big questions about life, for example, how we came into being.  They will be encouraged to use the knowledge they acquire to develop deeper understanding, tolerance and respect towards all people.

Children will learn how to treat religious texts and learn the protocols of handling different religious texts.  They will develop their skills of reasoning, inference, comparing and contrasting and deepen their understanding of themselves and their own religious beliefs, if any.

Enrichment Opportunities:  
Each year, children undertake religious visits to a place of worship: this includes churches, mosques, synagogues, gurdwaras and mandirs.

Children have opportunities to talk to members of different faiths via school visits.  

In the Early Years, parents are invited into school to help celebrate different religious festivals with the children.  Celebration foods are cooked and shared with the children by parents of those children in class who are celebrating different religious festivals throughout the year.

Within KS1 and KS2, weekly assemblies are used as a way of exposing children to a wide range of religious festivals, celebrations and customs.

Curriculum Planning

At Suttons, we follow  the Havering and Redbridge Agreed Syllabus which aims to give all children a solid grounding and understanding of major world religions.

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