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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

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Physical Education (PE)


At Suttons, we want our pupils to be active and healthy individuals who develop a love of sports. We understand the crucial role that physical activity plays in our emotional, mental and physical well being.

We provide opportunities for children to develop  their own fitness and skills which leads to the pupils feeling confident while collaborating effectively with their peers.

Our Active Pupils

The pupils engage in an exciting and varied P.E curriculum which develops their knowledge and skills within a variety of sports. Teachers develop children’s understanding through effective modelling and discussing specialist vocabulary. The children are provided with opportunities to apply their skills through participation in competitive and increasingly challenging situations.

Through discussions and engaging in games, the pupils develop sportsmanship skills and understand the importance of working together as a team. This all leads to children developing a deeper understanding of P.E and builds confidence.

Our P.E curriculum effectively builds upon the children’s skills through EYFS to year 6. In EYFS, children will develop their basic P.E skills such as running, throwing and jumping. 

In KS1 these skills are then applied into slightly more challenging games situations which require children to develop stamina and understanding of rules. In KS2, the pupils apply their skills into competitive games and sports such as hockey, athletics and dodgeball.

Enrichment Opportunities:  
The pupils have opportunities to take part in competitions in a variety of sports; internally and externally of the school. 

We have many before and after school sports clubs to develop children’s interests and skills in sports. 

Years 5 and 6 pupils have the opportunity to participate in ‘bikeability’ which develops their bike riding skills and understanding. The children learn how to ride safely on roads within out local community.

Scooter training is also organised to help younger pupils understand the safety of riding a scooter. 

A multi-skills day is arranged for pupils with SEN. This is an opportunity for pupils to collaborate with their peers and provides a  stimulating yet competitive environment for pupils to apply their skills. 

Our Sports Day is a celebration of P.E where the children are able to apply their P.E skills in a variety of running, throwing and jumping activities. The year 6 pupils help with the scoring and demonstrating of the activities which helps develop pupil leadership.

Curriculum Planning

We aim to provide broad and varied experiences to develop children’s physical competence, knowledge and confidence in P.E. At Suttons, we want the children to lead active and healthy lives. The school values are interwoven across physical education which help the children to take responsibility for their engagement in physical activity. We want the children to be physically and mentally ready for the world that awaits them.

◊ PE 3I's: Intent, Implementation & Impact
◊ PE Skills Progression
◊ PE Long term Plan

Learning to swim is an important life skill.  We organise lessons for all children in Year 3.  These take place during school time and are a part of the school curriculum. Our aim is for all children to be able to swim a minimum or 25 metres by the age of eleven. 

In 2022-23 our Year 6 children could do the following:

Year 3
Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres. 72%
Use a range of strokes effectively 54%
Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations 48%