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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

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We will be your favourite story....


At Suttons, our aim is to provide our pupils with a well rounded and diverse historical education that allows children to investigate and explore the past.  

History learning begins in EYFS with developing an understanding of the world and continues in KS1 with looking at events in the Common Era (CE). During KS2 pupils are given the opportunity to explore events which happened before the Common Era (BCE).   Throughout our curriculum there runs a number of Golden Threads which allow the children to develop their understanding and ability to compare different

Our Historians

Throughout their time at Suttons our pupils are given the opportunity to study a wide range of historical periods from the Stone Age to World War II and the impact of Windrush. Knowledge is not taught in strict chronological order as we believe the students need to have an understanding of the world to be able to grasp the complexities of some of these periods in history.  We have established six Golden Threads which run throughout years 2-6 and allow children to identify similarities and differences throughout history in relation to topics such as Monarchy and Diversity.

Children will develop three main overarching historical skills at Suttons. These are Chronological Understanding, Historical Enquiry & Interpretation and Knowledge & Understanding. These historical skills sit at the heart of our weekly lessons and are built upon year by year to ensure a progression of skills that builds in complexity.

Enrichment Opportunities:  
Each year group provides an historical enrichment opportunity by means of a school trip or visitor for each of their topics.  We are very fortunate to be located near Hornchurch Country Park and the RAF Heritage Centre which provide ample opportunities for our children to be fully immersed in their local history.

Curriculum Planning

Our History curriculum at Suttons is bespoke and diverse towards the needs of our children. We ensure a range of different periods of time are taught and different historical skills are developed to prepare children for the next stages in their educational journey.

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