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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary

We will be your favourite story....


At Suttons, we are preparing children for citizenship in an increasingly globalised world, and we believe that every child should be given opportunities in more than one language.

Our children start learning French at an early stage in their Suttons story which complements and strengthens both their communication skills and cognitive development across the curriculum.

Our Linguists

From Reception through to Year 6, pupils study French vocabulary from a wide range of conversational topics. In Reception and KS1, we focus on spoken language, progressing to written communication as children move into KS2.

Additionally, cultural content is embedded into lessons in order for children to gain valuable insight into understanding of the wider world.

Grammatical constructions are introduced during the Early Years, and pupils are taught how to use them in conjunction with the taught vocabulary.

Children learn how to express their opinions and preferences in French, giving purpose and meaning to their spoken and written work.

Enrichment Opportunities:  
We are proud of our linguistically and culturally diverse school community as demonstrated in our flag corridor.  Our European Day of Languages assembly celebrates the variety of languages spoken in our school, throughout Europe and beyond.  As our pupils' confidence in French grows, we encourage them to make connections with languages they have learned at home, through travel or their own interest.

Curriculum Planning


We aim to provide every pupil with the confidence that they can learn and use languages other than English.  Whilst our curriculum is progressive, topics are interwoven and repeated throughout the school in order to consolidate and embed learning.

A wide range of learning resources are utilised:
* Language is introduced using songs, rhymes and stories.
Dual coding methodologies are employed to maximise engagement and retention.
Pupils listen to native speakers model language and pronunciation.

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