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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary

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Early Years

At Suttons, it is our belief that the Early Years Foundation Stage is essential for building the foundations for lifelong learning. We aim to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Guiding Principals

The early years are a time of ‘awe and wonder’ as children discover, explore and try out new things. The children will develop positive attitudes towards learning as they are  provided with a broad, balanced, relevant and creative curriculum.  Our story-based curriculum will set in place firm foundations for further learning and development in Key Stage 1 and beyond.

Our Provision

We follow the EYFS Statutory Framework  which outlines seven areas of learning and whilst they are interconnected overall, they are split into two groups:

Prime Areas
    ◊ Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    ◊ Communication and Language
    ◊ Physical Development

The prime areas are seen as the fundamental building blocks for healthy development and are seen as essential for future learning.

Specific Areas:
    ◊ Literacy
    ◊ Mathematics
    ◊ Understanding the world
    ◊ Expressive arts and design

The specific areas of learning help to provide children with knowledge and skills to support their transition to school.

 Our curriculum provides a play-based and experiential learning environment, coupled with focussed teaching and basic skills. Children are provided with opportunities to engage in planned, focussed activities as well as child-initiated and free flow activities through our indoor and outdoor provision. 

2 Year Olds
     Unit Overview
     Development Matters

     Application Form

3-4 Year Olds
    Unit Overview
    Development Matters
    Application Form

4-5 Year Olds
    Unit Overview
    Development Matters

 The waiting list will close on 15th February 2024 and places for September 2024 will be offered out during March and April 2024.