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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary

A small school with great expectations


At Suttons Primary we believe we develop a strong ethos in children

We believe the following:

Your child will learn to:

  • Observe, listen, discuss, plan, enquire, invent and construct;
  • Read with enjoyment and understanding;
  • Solve problems;
  • Calculate;
  • Understand mathematical concepts;
  • Make music;
  • Collect and organise information;
  • Study the local and wider environment and understand times and places beyond their experience;
  • Work with computers and calculators;
  • Communicate and express ideas and feelings in speech and writing, drama, art and music;
  • Be aware of Christianity and other major world religions.

And will be encouraged to:

  • Appreciate literature, art and music;
  • Have a critical awareness of the media;
  • Be questioning and discriminating;
  • Develop any special talents;
  • Work co-operatively;
  • Care for the environment;
  • Care for others;
  • Concentrate and persevere;
  • Be able to consider philosophical questions and appreciate different points of view; and
  • Be reflective.

"Pupils learn about different cultures and faiths, and grapple with philosophical questions such as, 'Should we help or punish bullies?' "