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Suttons Primary

Suttons Primary School

Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary Life at Suttons Primary

We will be your favourite story....

Vision & Values

School Vision:

Suttons will be your favourite story.
We are the print, you are the author.
Open the book and immerse yourself in your page turning adventure.
A world awaits you. Let’s begin… 


School Values:

When a baby bird is learning to fly, it takes true courage to take the first leap and many attempts to get it right. Sometimes there will be obstacles and sometimes there will be falls but with a “have a go” attitude, we pick ourselves up to fly again and soar towards the wonderful feeling of achieving something great. At Suttons, we prepare our children to find their confidence, be risk-takers and take flight into a sky full of possibilities.

Associated values:
Perseverance, determination, optimism, independence,
self-belief, positivity, courage

Respect at Suttons has many different layers; it’s like baking the perfect cake. Each ingredient adds its own unique flavour and is vital to success. The respect that we have for each other, for our environment and, of course, for ourselves are the layers to a safe environment in which we all can rise to our greatest potential. Each ingredient is vital and when combined, make an inviting school that keeps us coming back for more!

Associated values:
Appreciation, esteem, admiration, encouragement,

Learning at Suttons is very much like the workings of a clock, magical and intriguing it draws you in.  Buried inside our engaging curriculum are cogs and springs that inspire our children to tick towards achieving their full potential. Like the steady movement of the hands, we each take our own time to reach our destination and, regardless of when we arrive, our learning journey is one to be proud of.

Associated values:
Curiosity, engagement, enthusiasm, ambition,
imagination, collaboration

At Suttons, our children are like delicate seeds that need to be cared for and nurtured to become the mightiest trees. Growing at their own pace, with love and compassion we embrace their differences and extend our branches to welcome them into the Suttons family. We help them to blossom and succeed, preparing them for the exciting jungle that is life.

Associated values:
Kindness, caring, compassion, patience, support

Completing a puzzle takes time, hard work and attention to detail – much like ensuring that Suttons is a safe and secure place for our community to be in. Each piece is celebrated for its individuality and each piece contributes a vital part to all of our safety: a safe place to learn, a safe place to laugh and a safe place to love. The puzzle cannot be completed if any part is missing so each of the pieces must unify to create the bigger picture of our school; a place where everyone feels safe, welcome and whole.

Associated values:
Protection, security, sanctuary, co-operation, assertive